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CPR Training Manikin
To make training more effective and realistic, manikins are used for skills practice in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes.
Description Trainer accessories Training Manikin
Made in USA
Prestan Professional Adult Manikin
PP-AM-100M-MS (monitored) Product Description
Prestan Manikin PP-AM-100M-MS

Prestan Manikin CPR Monitor CPR Rate Monitor
To allow for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate of chest compressions.
The visual feedback from the CPR Rate Monitor gives students a real life feel of delivering 100-120 compressions per minute.
CPR Monitor

CPR Training Face Shields

To teach students to use ( and to comfortable with) barrier protection during resuscitation.
Using in teaching and learning CPR purpose, and being discarded after each use.

Practice Face Shield CALLOS  Practice Face Shield Laerdal
Sheets: 50 sheets/roll 
Price: HKD 70
Code: LAE-TFS-151200
Brand: Laerdal
Sheets: 36 sheets/roll 
Price: HKD 220 


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